Bruce Poulterer


Memories and Plein Air Painting
For years Bruce has painted historic scenes and memories of the past to help us remember what used to be.  Bruce's preferred artistic medium is painting "en Plein Air" - sitting outside in front of the landscape or object being painted - because an artist's painting techniques are expanded dramatically.

Check out Bruce's original watercolors, limited edition reproductions and giclees

"Potted Geraniums" watercolor
Bruce enjoys painting still lifes, especially of geraniums. 
"The Rain Gutter" watercolor
Painted in spring 2017 outside the Kuerner farm house in Chadds Ford.  Often painted by Andrew Wyeth, Bruce joined with Karl Kuerner III to paint this scene.​


Bruce's paintings show a love of painting outside in front of his subject, such as a landscape or historic building.
Some further information about Bruce:
  • Watercolor artist for over 39 years.
  • Frequent participant in juried plein air events.
  • Paints memories to "capture the current so it can be remembered in the future."
  • Focuses on landscapes, scenes, and locations in PA, DE and NJ, but has also painted internationally.
  • Paints with a posture of thanksgiving to God for His gifts and generosity, and hopes his artistic talents are an expression of his gratitude. 
Bruce is a recognized "plein air" painter (the act of painting outdoors), with a focus on watercolor. Plein air painting brings many challenges, such as a greater variance in light sources compared to painting indoor (i.e., direct sunlight, indirect light, overcast light, etc.), which requires skill and experience to paint them convincingly.  ​

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