Watercolor Artist
Memories and Plein Air Painting
For years Bruce has painted historic scenes and memories of the past to help us remember what used to be.  Then five years ago, Bruce started painting "en Plein Air" - that is sitting outside in front of the landscape or an object he is paintng -  and his painting techniques expanded dramatically.

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"Potted Geraniums" watercolor
I enjoy painting still lifes especially of geraniums.  I hope you ejoy my watercolors.
"The Rain Gutter" watercolor
This was paintied this past spring outside the Kuerner farm house in Chadds Ford.  Often painted by Andrew Wyeth, what a privedge it has been to paint here with Karl Kuerner III.


I love painting outside in front of the subject such as a landscape or historic building
Some further information about Bruce
  • Watercolor artist with 35 years of expereince
  • I feel blessed that the Lord has given me this opporutnity to paint and He leads my life.
  • Participated in numerous juried plein air events 
  • My focus is painting memories to capture the current so it can be remembered in the future
  • Most of these paintings are of  PA, DE and NJ area but have painted other countries.
  • Painting watercolors after years of working in the food processing/dairy industry is a joy
  •  Watercolor painting is enjoyable because of the special effects of the watercolor
Since 2009, I started painting outside in what is described as "plein air".  Most artists that paint plein air are oil painters.  Since I paint with watercolors,  my plein air style and finished paintings are different. 
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